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Occasional Helpers

20 October 2012

Occasional Helpers support the Beaver, Cub, Scout or Explorer section leader with the planning and delivery of an exciting and balanced programme of Scouting activities. They work closely with Assistant Section Leaders, Young Leaders and other Occasional Helpers under the guidance of the Section Leader.

There are some terrific opportunities as an Occasional Helper. Opportunities to share skills you already have and pick up skills you don’t have. Opportunities to enthuse young people about your interests and become enthused about theirs. Opportunities to work with other volunteers from different backgrounds towards a common aim of helping young people reach their full potential. All of these under the guidance of an experienced Section Leader who has overall responsibility for the section.

As an Occasional Helper, you’ll need to understand and accept The Scout Association’s polices and have a satisfactory CRB clearance, although you won’t wear the uniform or make the Scout Promise. There’s no formal requirement to undertake any training, although we’re happy to offer it to help you understand what The Scout Association is all about and how we aim to work with young people to achieve it. Although the sections meet each week, we understand that not everybody will be able to come along every time.

Does this sound like a way in which you can contribute to our young people? Please get in touch via our contact form.