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Give it a go! We could use some extra pairs of hands.


  • Do you feel like you need an escape from work or Uni life and want to have some fun? 

  • Are you a student, parent, or retired person with a couple of hours a week to spare?  

  • Are you working towards your Duke of Edinburgh award?

If you want to do something worthwhile with your spare time and are willing to get involved in hands-on activities, adventures and challenges, the 11th/9th Cub Pack, Scout Troop and Explorer Unit are looking for you!

We will offer you all the support you need

We are seeking enthusiastic people who are willing to lend a couple of hours a week to help out at meetings. There is no need to have done anything in scouting before – whether you’re a complete novice or a scouting veteran we can offer you all the support you need to be a valuable addition to the team.

When and where do we meet?

We need help in the Cub Pack, Scout Troop and Explorer Unit offering Scouting to young people aged 8-10.5, 10.5-14 years and 14-18 years respectively.

The Cub Pack currently has 30 Cubs, and meets on a Tuesday 6.45-8.15 during school term times.

The Scout troop is currently around 40 strong and meets on a Thursday evening from 7:30-9:15 during school term times.

The Explorer unit is much smaller but still has 18 Explorers who meet on a Wednesday evening from 7:30-9:30.

All groups meet at the Scout Hut on Chedworth Street in Newnham, next to Newnham Croft Primary School.

What Do Volunteers Do? 

The adult leaders and young helpers at the 11th/9th are really great to work with, and enjoy every second they spend with scouts. Our volunteers range from occasional parent helpers who help small groups of Cubs/Scouts to complete tasks, to assistant leaders who will be thinking of the bigger picture and planning entire meetings, thinking of places to visit, and accompanying cubs and scouts on trips and camps.

Summer camps are very popular with both participants and helpers, and include activities such as climbing, archery, off-road driving, coasteering, cooking on open fires and raft building to name but a few!

If you can’t come to meetings, there are still plenty of ways you can help out, such as sorting and mending tents after a camp, helping with occasional maintenance sessions such as painting or sanding at the Scout Hut, or manning the BBQ at our annual summer event.


We love to welcome student leaders to the group and we totally understand that study will come first. We’re aware that your terms are shorter than ours, so we know you won’t be around all the time. We also know that the Week 5 Blues will mean that some students are too busy to come and help, whereas others will be even more desperate to come here to get away from it all! Scouts offer a way to meet other students from different parts of the university and also to get to know non-students and experience the ‘real-world’ for a short while before re-entering the ‘Cambridge bubble.’

Duke of Edinburgh Award 

We cover all of the DofE volunteering requirements set out on the DofE website, and hopefully you will have fun while you are volunteering with us! http://www.dofe.info/en/content/cms/doing-your-dofe/activities-sections/volunteering/volunteering-require/

Typically, we would expect a DofE Young Leader to get stuck in helping small groups of young people with activities set by the other leaders, and when you feel more confident, to run games with the Pack or Troop as a whole. There is no formal training involved – we will teach you what you need to know as we go along. All volunteering counts as practical, unless you want to get involved with helping to plan our meetings. There are a lot of benefits from volunteering with the Scouts, including:

  • Learning new skills
  • Sharing existing skills
  • Developing leadership qualities
  • Building confidence
  • Having fun
  • Making new friends

What Do Our volunteers Say? 

Here’s what some of our volunteers have to say:

I got involved in the group during my third year of Engineering at Cambridge University. A friend of mine had just become the Explorer leader and was very enthusiastic about all the activities they were getting up to. He persuaded me to come along to Scouts to see what it was like and I have been back pretty much every week since. When the Cub Pack was short on volunteers, I started helping out on a Tuesday as well, and now, a year or two later, I run the Cub Pack.

I love the fact that we explore all sorts of questions such as how do you train a guide dog? How fast can a fireman put his suit on?  Are English or American Smores better? Can you walk on custard? Where do the best tenpin bowling Cubs in the world come from*? And we can nearly always answer them with a fun visit, a guest or an activity we run ourselves.

*It turns out Australian Cubs are excellent at tenpin bowling, but ours did very well, coming in at 53rd in the world!”

– Chris, Cub Scout Leader (2.5 years) /Assistant Scout Leader (4 years)

I love all of the opportunities to try new things Scouting offers me – from trying adventurous activities like zip wires and coasteering, to learning more about the local community and finding out the random, but usually hilarious, thoughts of 10-14 year olds on all sorts of topics!

Volunteering here gives me a huge sense of fulfilment and belonging. One of our Scout laws is that “A Scout belongs to the worldwide family of Scouts” and this is so true – when you arrive somewhere new, you have an enormous ready-made family who will welcome you with open arms. 

I would encourage people to volunteer because, to quote our founder Lord Baden-Powell, “Life without adventure would be deadly dull.” Scouting is one big adventure – from cooking over an open fire, to learning to wire a plug, to climbing a mountain – we are always trying new things, conquering fears and having loads of fun (leaders and Scouts alike!). 

          – Debbie, Scout Leader (4 years) & Assistant Cub Scout Leader (7 years on and off)


Can you help us to give the Cubs, Scouts and Explorers the best possible experience in Scouts by giving a little of your time?

If you are interested please get in touch via Volunteering on our contact form

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