Summer Camp 2013 Review

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Summer Camp 2013 Review

4 September 2013

Summer Camp 2013

We are now all back from this year’s summer camp and what an excellent on it was! For the first time in a long time the sun shone on us all week setting the tone for the whole of camp.

The Scouts got up to some climbing on the 60ft wall along with a flight down the zip line starting from the same height! We even had scouts going down upside down or in classic superman poses! They also spent a day off site at a massive water park with a wide variety of slides, pools and flumes where many of the leaders ended up wetter than they would have liked.

The Explorers also had a great time. Camping on a nearby site to the Scouts much of their time was spend remaking the Hunger Games film, Avengers style! With a fully functional 5m Camera Jib, Multiple cameras and a whole crew a large amount of footage was recorded and is now off to the editing suite for compilation. They also headed to the coast for some Coasteering which was an adrenalin fuelled thrill ride in the high swell but everyone made it through and some even jumped off some 8m high rocks into the sea below! 4×4 Driving across Salisbury plain and many hikes and trips to the beach made for an excellent camp for all involved.

Now to planning next year’s camps!

Have you got some good snaps from this year’s camp? If so upload them here. Get in touch with the leaders if you have lots!