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Subscription Fees

Running a Scout Group is not that expensive, but there are bills to be paid: the utility and maintenance costs for the centre, the equipment we use on troop nights, rental of minibuses when we go out and – the bane of life in the 21st century – the annual insurance fee!

To cover those expenses, we charge a subscription fee as follows:

  • Beavers: £20 per quarter, payable by standing order
  • Cubs: £25 per quarter, payable by standing order
  • Scouts: This is £30 per quarter payable by standing order
  • Explorers: £35 per quarter payable by standing order

Where does it go?

Our largest single outgoing is to the Newnham Scout and Guide Centre for the use of the premises – £30 a year per person, then to the UK Scout Association: membership of this costs about £25 a year per person and provides a level of insurance against claims for personal injury on Scout activities. Using a minibus for an evening costs about £50, ingredients for a cooking night can come to £30, replacing an axe costs about a tenner – and so the list goes on.

How much are the leaders paid?

Not a sausage! Well, that’s not quite true – sometimes we do a barbecue and then the leaders get to eat a saussie or two if they’re left over. The leaders volunteer their time and skills without payment.

How do I pay the subscription fee?

For the Beavers if you would like to pay by cheque or bank transfer, there are two options:

  • Yearly – A cheque for the whole amount in January pays subs for the whole calendar year.
  • Termly – A cheque for termly subs at the beginning of the term pays subs for that term.

For Cubs, Scouts and Explorers payments can be made by quarterly standing order into the following accounts as detailed below; please only pay by cheque if absolutely necessary. The details of accounts for standing orders and online transfers can be found here. (NB – you will need to be logged in to see that page.)

The Scout Group has a formal policy on subscriptions, including steps taken in the event of non-payment. The group is lucky enough to have a hardship fund, supported by many former scouts, which ensures that nobody should be excluded from Scouting for financial reasons.