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Save Little Abington Campsite

24 April 2013

There has been an announcement made recently by the Cambridgeshire County Scout Council regarding the future of the local camp-site at Little Abington. This site is where the district cub camp has been held for many years, along with many other Scout and Explorer camps from our Group. The buildings there are getting old and there have been plans for some time to redevelop them. The County Scout Council has now made the decision to close the camp-site in July this year and sell off the entire site for housing development.

11th/9th Scouts at Little Abington last year

The original statement made by the County Scout Council can be found here:

and a further statement that was made this April, here:

Although this decision has been made at a county level, there are many leaders in Cambridge and the surrounding villages who are disappointed in this and looking to retain the site for Scouting so that future generations can continue to have the experience of camping locally on a small, basic site. The County Scout Council has not committed to replacing the camp-site and has only stated that they will use the money for unspecified developments of Scouting in the county.

The Cambridgeshire County Scout Council is led by Liz Craig, the County Commissioner, who may be contacted with comments directly by email to

A group called FACS (“Friends of Abington Camp Site”) has formed to look at whether the site could continue to be kept open for use. Their e-mail address is; they would be interested to hear from anyone willing to help save the camp-site. Some other people opposed to the decision have set up an online petition and a Facebook page. The petition allows those signing it to leave messages, and the Facebook page includes lots of good pictures of the camp-site. The petition has already exceeded 1300 names so please take a moment to add your name to the list. The more support we have the more chance there is of saving the site!

Please feel free to pass this information onto any other interested parties as the site is also used by external organisations such as school for Duke of Edinburgh practice expeditions. If you would like more information on Abington and how much it is currently used, please visit the website at or speak to Craig, our Cub leader.

Facebook page and online petition