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Newnham Scouts run two buses: a 17-seater and an accessible 15-seater. They are available for loan to local Scout groups and other not-for-profit organisations*.
There is a mileage charge which includes all costs for fuel and insurance. Our box trailer can be towed by the 17-seater and can also be borrowed at £15/day. If it’s not needed, you can collected the trailer the evening before you leave at no extra charge, to help with packing.


Bus info

Seats (including driver): 15 17 Trailer
  Newnham Scouts 15 Seater Minibus (Renault Master)  Newnham Scouts 17 Seater Minibus (Ford Transit) Box Trailer
Make and Model: Renault Master Ford Transit Ifor Williams BV105
Reg number: EU08 KBY GX14 NFL
Fuel type: Diesel Diesel
Tyre pressures:
Height: 2.5m 6′ headroom
Length: 5.9m 4.7m (3m internal)
Width (excl. mirrors): 2.0m 2.1m (1.47m internal)
Towbar? No Yes  
Tail Lift? Yes No, wheelchair ramps only  
Needs D1? (more info) No Only if with trailer Yes


Mileage charge (£/mile) 0.80 0.90
Minimum charge (£/day) 30 40 15



15 seater in green and 17 seater in orange.

Sign-up Process

  1. Add your Group to our Approved Groups list (here)
  2. Send a copy of your Section 19 to
  3. Add each driver to our Approved Driver Log (here)
  4. Send a copy of each driver’s licence to

Booking Process

  1. Select your dates and minibus if you have a preference (here).
  2. We’ll review your Section 19, proposed drivers, requested dates and bus and get back to you.

Our Loan Policy can be downloaded here.

*If your outing involves charging any of your passengers, you will need a Section 19 (UK and Scouting information).