Using the Centre

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Using the Centre

What’s included

By hiring the centre, one gets exclusive use of the facilities:

  • Main hall (12m x 8m)
  • Toilet facilities (Ladies, Gents and a wheelchair-accessible cubicle)
  • Tables (12 folding) and chairs (24 by default, another 30 can be made available)
  • Kitchen – kettle available

Cleaning equipment is provided for all users of the centre and we ask all users to ensure that the centre is left clean.

When it’s available

The centre is ordinarily available 8am until 11pm each day. Out of consideration for our neighbours we ask our guests to ensure that use of the centre is inaudible from outside from 10:30pm. (Experience has shown that the kitchen in particular is not a good place to converse late at night.) Occasional overnight bookings are possible – contact our Booking Secretary with requests.

Our calendar shows when the centre is available for use.

How much?

Individual hires are charged by the hour. We have very reasonable and competitive rates. Please contact us for more information.

Regular or repeating hires may be granted discounts on these rates at the discretion of the Booking Secretary.


Cleaning materials are provided for use where necessary. Guests may also choose to arrange a post-hire cleaning session with our regular cleaner – please mention this when booking.

Crockery in the kitchen should be returned to the cupboards clean and dry.

Items for recycling (glass bottles, plastic bottles, paper, plastic trays, clean cardboard and tins) may be placed in the blue recycling bin in the carpark. Soiled or wet cardboard may be placed in the green recycling bin in the carpark. Other rubbish should be removed by the users.