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The 11th/9th Cambridge Scout Troop, in Newnham is about 35 strong at the moment. We are always on the lookout for leaders as some of our leaders are students and keep moving on. The troop meets on Thursday from 7:30 until 9:15 (9:30 during the summer term) at the Newnham Scout and Guide Centre, Cambridge. The centre will be open from 7:15 if you wish to arrive early or talk to the leaders.

As well as our weekly troop nights, we have a routine of camps and visits, starting at the very beginning of the year:

  • Winter camp takes place on the first weekend of the new year, often amid the winter’s snow!
  • Weekend Away is in April and we usually stay indoors. We visit London or another place of interest to look at a few museums or other places of interest chosen by the Scouts themselves.
  • Spring weekend takes place at the first May bank-holiday weekend, when we pray for the rain to hold off, just for a day or two.
  • Patrol Leaders Visit takes place in the spring or early summer when the older Scouts get to go off and enjoy being part of a group of similar ages. It’s our way of thanking them for their help with the younger Scouts through the year.
  • Summer Camp is the highlight of the year! As the biggest camp of all we head away for week to a new place every year. Walks, trips to the beach, camp fires, swimming and cooking are all on the agenda.

What we expect from the Scouts

All our leaders are volunteers and turn up to run activities with the intention of them being fun, for leaders and for Scouts. We ask that the Scouts remember this and behave accordingly!

Financially, we expect Scouts to pay their subscriptions (£25 a quarter) on time: the leaders have a limited amount of spare time and every hour spent chasing payments is an hour we can’t spend organising camps or running things.


What we expect from the Parents of Scouts

Parents of scouts are automatically members of the 11th/9th Cambridge Scout Group and we ask that they take an active part in keeping the group functioning. A few hours volunteered each year makes a huge difference: helping with fund raising, turning up for a couple of hours on our annual maintenance day, keeping records or helping out on a camp all help. And they usually work out to be fun, too. Check this spreadsheet for a current list of jobs we are looking for help with.

Questions? Contact Debbie Mullinger, Scout Leader by using our form